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Stories are at the heart of communication. Our ancestors would gather around a fire to share knowledge about their surroundings, express emotions or create early myths. The will to tell stories lead humans to develop language. It was essential to our survival to learn and share our experiences.  Through the years, the Human brain became wired to receive stories.

My story started in Normandy, my home region. Back then, I was studying Pharmacy but my preference turned towards Botany. My curiosity push me to travel the world and became a bartender. I discovered the history of alcohol and the creative process of mixology. Later on, I studied Cognitive Sciences to understand better the human brain. Concepts like psychology, communication, and knowledge became clearer. By gathering all these skills, an early project started to build up in my mind. 

Coming back to my sweet Normandy, I had a completely different eye on my surroundings. Meeting with farmers, traditional artisans, passionate people, I rediscovered my own home. I knew nothing about Norman drinks, the history of its landscape and its people. I realized the importance of what they were doing. A heritage was getting lost and not only in Normandy! Many products were disappearing in the countryside at the expense of fast-made, unsustainable new drinks, better connected to the cities. 

My mission became clear: Protecting heritage by sharing fascinating stories and products

Storytaster brings light on small producers that care about sustaining their environment and their traditions. Adding context and culture to your glass and reconnect cities to the countryside is now essential for preserving these stories.

What better than drinks and stories to bring people together? 

Yohan Laurent Host

Your host: Yohan Laurent


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