Leave your Sword Kombucha

The Producer:

Leave Your Sword Kombucha was founded by chef Nicolas Adam in 2016. After training at Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris, Nicolas spent almost a decade working in Michelin-starred kitchens. It was here his philosophy about flavour began to emerge – by collaborating with raw ingredients and the places they’re made, rather than controlling them, everything becomes more delicious. As he worked alongside some of France’s best sommeliers, winemakers and brewers, Nicolas also discovered that fermentation is nature’s way of turning raw simplicity into living complexity.


These Kombuchas are raw, natural with the complexity and terroir of a natural wine or aged whisky. By stripping the ingredients and brewing process back to their most primitive, so tea can be the star of the show. 

You can’t mass-produce gastronomic fermentation. Leave Your Sword Kombucha goes agaisnt the industrial beverage industry, with its mass-production, fruity flavours and faux wellness. Small-batch brewing process forces them to work with, rather than fight against, mother nature. It also seems to be one of the most sustainable models for food production. Only the tiniest bit of resources and energy are used to transform four raw ingredients into something complex and delicious. 

A welcoming place:

Once the largest shipyard in the Netherlands, NDSM Wharf has been transformed into a thriving cultural hotspot over recent decades, characterised by its gritty industrial architecture, creative community and street art. Dotted amongst the repurposed shipping containers and converted hangars, you’ll find all manner of unexpected attractions, from pop-up restaurants to waterside hangouts, art spaces and a buzzing nightlife scene.

When you arrive by ferry – passing by an old Russian submarine and a crane that’s been converted into a boutique hotel – you know you’re entering a unique area. Festivals take place here throughout the year, there’s a huge flea market in the IJ-Hallen every month, and the most beautiful cafés and restaurants serve up incredible views of the water and the city every day of the week. Popular with locals, Pllek is a perfectly laid back spot to enjoy dinner and a magnificent view of the IJ. Journey around the corner to Noorderlicht, a greenhouse-turned-café housed along the water’s edge where you can have lunch in the sun or dance the night away under the stars. NDSM abounds with cultural hotspotsquirky things to do and attractions for families and is well worth the ferry ride for anyone looking for an alternative image of Amsterdam.


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