La ferme de la Motte

The producers

La ferme de la Motte is a 55 hectare farm located in the green fields of Normandy. There you'll find the Rorchard-Lecrosnier, a family of 6, preserving traditional methods and techniques used by their elders. Jérome is in charge of the trees and the harvest. Ludovic, his brother, takes care of the milk production. Chrystelle welcomes guests, hosts tasting and cooking workshops. Amsterdam is the perfect place to . Storytaster invites you to join an evening filled with unbelievable facts.


The fruits are grown using silvopasture, the most efficient type of agriculture to capture carbon into the ground. They are then harvested by hand, naturally fermented, not pasteurized and bottled without adding anything else. Being one of the only farms in the region that is entirely organic, they deeply care about the environment. As local activists, the family also brings a social impact to their community. They work closely together with people that have special needs, providing work experience and a  deep connection to nature.

A welcoming place

If you fancy the romantic setting of a Norman farm, this is the perfect place for you. Welcoming up to 8 people, the family offers a real immersion into their daily life. They will show you the living world that surrounds them and Chrystelle will share her organic cooking skills during workshops. There are amazing spots to discover in this old rural region. Landscapes here bring together forests, waterfalls and vast fields. Take a hike to the medieval town of Domfront, visit the world famous village of Camembert or the breathtaking Mont-Saint-Michel, and discover the restaurants, farms and people of the region.


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