La cave du Dragon Rouge

The producer

In 1960, March decided to create his own meadery “La Cave du Dragon Rouge” - The Cave of the Red Dragon. He had one mission: to protect his heritage. Using only honey from small local producers, he elaborated 6 different recipes. During 54 years, he held on to this one-man operation, until he finally retired in 2014. He found his worthy successor, Stephane, driven by the same love for the region. March taught Stephane everything and asked him to conserve all his recipes to the letter. Labels, bottles and recipes were kept the way March intended it. Three years later, March passed away but his knowledge survives. 


Honey can be one of the most sustainable ingredients in the world. Its process creates pollination, creating the next generation of plants. Without bees, the world would be a big desert. We are now facing a decrease in global bee populations 

due to pesticides, monocultures and destruction of their habitats. By domesticating honey bees, we managed to keep their populations to a high number. 

Honey is the main source of food for bees. Unfortunately, not all honey is extracted ethically. Beekeepers are supposed to collect the first batch and to keep it for the hive until winter. This way, we can collect the overproduction and make sure the hive survives the cold season. Stephane only goes through small producers, who are beekeepers out of hobby and passion. This ensures that their honey is ethical and sustainable.

A welcoming place

The meadery is located in Dinard, a small medieval city by the shore. In summer, it lights up with tourists coming for the beaches, the casino and the annual film festival. Nearby, Saint-Malo is a dynamic port filled with pirate stories and surrounded by ramparts. In the countryside, you’ll cross through fields of buckwheat. The cereal is common in the area, giving a dark tone to the honey. A bit further, in the Brocéliande forest, are the remnants of the Celtic civilization. It is a mystical place and closely connected to King Arthur lore. Merlin himself would have been born in this forest. This land is supposed to be inhabited by goblins and fairies. But to see a real dragon, you must head back to Stephane’s meadery


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